Executive Development

Management is a challenging and complex function – managers are required to maneuver between employees and tasks, between strategic work and ongoing work, and between planning ahead and dealing with the unexpected. Our sessions for managers focus on each manager’s unique challenges, both emotional and practical, and provides them with a set of skills to turn them into outstanding managers, who empower and advance their employees, communicate efficiently and creatively, employ flexible and creative thinking and manage dynamic teams.

Our Products
  • Executive Development for First-Time Managerial Position

    These workshops aim to provide the necessary tools for outstanding management capabilities. The tools are adapted to the organization’s needs and to the skills required by managers, including leadership and motivating employees, development and implementing of management routines, development and retention of employees, setting and meeting goals, effective communication, delegation of authority and more.

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  • Executive Development in Groups Through Peer Learning

    Peer learning is a unique technique through which participants learn from each other and expand their perspective by studying various management dilemmas and the means to solve them.
    Designed for second tier executives and up.

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  • Personal Consultation for Managers

    In these personal sessions with managers we work on the approach to the executive position, management style, providing effective feedback to employees, positive communication with employees, on-boarding, delegation of authority and more. All these aim to enhance the manager’s ability to deal with various situations and to increase their sense of competence and managerial potential.
    Designed for all levels of management.

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  • Executive Development Through Acting and Drama

    Our acting and drama workshops provide an experiential way to learn about management blind spots, improve self-awareness and enhance listening and dialogue abilities. These tools help position managers as empowering and promoting figures in their organization, and improve management routines.
    These special sessions are held in collaboration with acting studio director, teacher and theater actress Maya Bachar

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